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We Are Sagittarius Is A Page For Sagittarians ONLY! Sagittarius Is The 9th & Best Sign In The Zodiac! Horoscope Post Every Monday Through Friday.






sagittarians can display a volatile temper and rage. but they won’t revel in revenge for years like scorpios or retreat to lick their wounds like leos - they have their unexpected outburst than quickly recover. and all the while they leave wondering why you are so hurt by the words they never quite meant… but it did hurt… their words can be harsh

18. September 2014

Daily Overview

You need to think about a new social situation that feels like a dud but may actually be a diamond in the rough. You’re not mismatched so much as a bit out of sync so give it time to correct itself.

17. September 2014

Daily Overview

You are full of questions today — and while not all of them get answered, you should still find that your great social energy helps you to start some really fruitful conversations.

16. September 2014

Daily Overview

Your mind takes a philosophical bent today, but it’s not so deep that you lose yourself entirely. You may find that someone new has arrived who can explain a difficult issue pretty easily.